“Fraud is the Most Important Problem for Betting Companies when They Work with Affiliate Programs,”Interview with Denis Konotop, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Fraud is the Most Important Problem for Betting Companies when They Work with Affiliate Programs,”Interview with Denis Konotop, Digital Marketing Specialist

Stable payouts are a key to the successful collaboration with webmasters, states digital marketing specialist Denis Konotop. In the interview for Russian Gaming Week, the expert told about trends of affiliate marketing in the betting industry and challenges that betting offices may face when working with affiliate programs.

Interviewer: Russian Gaming Week (RGW)
Respondent: Denis Konotop (D.К.)

RGW: Currently, users are more actively using the Internet via smartphones than desktop computers or laptops throughout the world. Due to this fact, companies are building mobile apps and adapting the website design. Towards which traffic should bookmakers orient: desktop or mobile? Why?

D.К.: It is important to develop in both directions. However, the Mobile First strategy plays a great role. Our market has already seen successful examples of mono-traffic bookmakers, but eventually, they face the question of increasing volumes.

RGW: Can the bookmaker orient towards mobile or desktop traffic only?

D.К.: Undoubtedly, but here we can make an analogywith thebetting product.Can the bookmaker orient towards live or pre-match odds only? Of course, he can, but once again, the question related to scaling arises.

RGW: How can the bookmaker increase revenue from the affiliate program and improve the efficiency of collaboration?

D.К.: There is a set of rules that will help any bookmaker to set up the work with webmasters and increase traffic volume:

  • everything that ends up in statistics is reimbursable. If the webmaster’s statistics is changed post factum, the bookmaker will have little trust;
  • stable payouts. The more often the webmaster receives money, the better;
  • transparency of statistics.

RGW: What risks can a betting company face when it starts working with a gaming affiliate program?

D.К.: Fraud isthe most important problem.All those webmasters banned by the bookmaker in the “direct” affiliate program go to aggregator platforms hoping that their traffic will not be noticed in the general flow. Here everything is simple. Some affiliate program aggregators ignore such things, and others look for mutually beneficial collaboration.

RGW: How to eliminate/ prevent these risks?

D.К.: The first thing you can do is to read feedbacks about the affiliate programs. Not only feedbacks of bookmakers but also those of webmasters. If you are already collaborating, the affiliate program has to provide statistics on all webmasters that work with your offer.

RGW: What trends of affiliate marketing have formed in the gambling industry this year?

D.К.: Among trends that have already taken shape, I would highlight WebViewand PWA.Only the laziest people do not use them today. The trend that has potential is the registration using API.

RGW: Tell us more about your presentation at Russian Gaming Week. What new things will the guests learn?

D.К.: I will talk about changes that affiliate marketing faced in the betting industry over the last years and explain what drives its development today.

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