Online lotteries: popular types and keynote providers

Online lotteries: popular types and keynote providers

The research from Juniper Research shows that wagers of online lotteries will grow from $29 billion in 2017 to $76 billion by 2022.

The market is developing; new types of online lotteries emerge. Read further in the article about lotteries available to players, their advantages and disadvantages.

Instant online lotteries

The main distinct feature of instant lotteries lies in the fact that the player can find out the result instantly. This benefit attracts the majority of participants. Besides, players do not have to fill in number combinations or select numbers, although some players find the lack of choosing numbers as a disadvantage.

Winnings in instant lotteries are usually small ranging from $1 to $50.

Draw-based lotteries

Players can place bets online and in draw-based lotteries, where they choose numbers independently.

Advantages include:

  • participants choose numbers on their own, basing on their forecasts and intuition;
  • draw-based lotteries offer big prizes;
  • a wide variety of lotteries, for example, 5 of 36, 6 of 45, 7 of 49.

However, one should take into account the disadvantage of draw-based lotteries – they are difficult to win, as having a great quantity of numbers, players usually guess just several of them.

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Prize drawings, contests, and quizzes

Online drawings can be referred to lotteries due to the similar principle, basing on which the winner is selected. Different companies usually organize lottery drawings to boost brand recognition and increase the number of users.

Advantages of drawings:

  • they are frequently organized;
  • players keep the purchased goods, which they can use after the contest ends.


  • the winner usually receives some product that may turn to be useless rather than money;
  • the winner is not defined randomly – the participant that bought the biggest number of products often wins the lottery.

Online sports lotteries

Sports lotteries or sports betting offer to place bets on sports events in real time.

The sports betting market embraces different sports – you can place bets on the outcomes of football, basketball, baseball, hockey games, boxing, and car racing.

Leading online lottery providers

Lotto Direct

Lotto Direct, a company based in Malta, offers services for the online lottery industry.

The company’s service called The Lotter allows customers to buy official tickets to the world’s largest lotteries. The platform was named a pioneer in the field of online lotteries and has been paying out winnings to players since 2002.


Lottosend offers users tickets to popular and licensed lotteries throughout the world.

Players can select desired online games and the team of Lottosendwill process the order and buy tickets at the official outlet.


PlayHugeLottos has been providing tickets to different online lotteries for around 20 years. The service has shown a high level of security and safety.

Today the platform works with 14 lottery services supporting 11 languages.

Experts will discuss online lotteries at Russian Gaming Week.


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