Gambling tax and new casinos in Krasnaya Polyana: main news of the gambling industry

Gambling tax and new casinos in Krasnaya Polyana: main news of the gambling industry

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation reported on tax paid on winnings, LLC Domain will open new gambling houses, and Krasnaya Polyana will host a poker tournament. Read further in the digest about these and other events of the gambling industry.

Artificial intelligence bluffs when playing casino games

Developers have taught artificial intelligence to bluff like professional players.

Researches show that AI takes accurate decisions during online casino games. If the algorithm lacks information, the neural network guesses the most probable game outcomes. Besides, AI can bluff and outplays people.

Scientists say that skills acquired by AI will do a great job for sports forecasts, as neural networks quickly analyze data and calculate probable results.

Krasnaya Polyana’s operator will become a leader by the number of casinos

The operator of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone LLC Domain is planning to open the biggest number of gambling houses. The Development Director of the Krasnaya Polyana Dmitry Anfinogenov reported it.

Currently, the gambling zone has three functional facilities from Domain: Bonus, Sochi, and Bumerang Casino. In the future, the operator wants to develop new digital directions. The company is already designing a mobile app that will unite casinos, hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Besides, Krasnaya Polyana develops flight connections with China, India, the UAE, and plans to open a sports bar.

Journalists will compete in a poker tournament in Krasnaya Polyana

On January 25-27, the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone will host a media tour featuring a poker tournament for journalists. There will be excursions around casinos and meetings with gambling experts.

Journalists will play in a poker tournament held for the third time. The winner will get a cup, chips worth of $500, and a possibility to arrange a party for guests of Sochi Casino within a year.

Besides, specialists will talk about the opening of the new Bumerang Casino, results of two years of the operator’s activity, and the conception of the Krasnaya Polyana.

Vice governor of Primorsky Territory is not happy with taxes from the gambling zone

Vice governor of Primorsky Territory Vera Shcherbina says that the gambling zone pays insufficient tax amount. Last year, Primorsky Territory filled the budget with 114 million rubles.

Vice governor believes that the gambling zone does not operate efficiently and plans to see into the issue.

Besides, Shcherbina says that Primorsky Territory needs to work with existing reserves.

Russian Ministry of Finance reported on tax on casino winnings

The Russian Ministry of Finance presented a document intended for gambling participants that stipulates how and what amounts of winnings players should report.

The Ministry explains that in case of big winnings, the player has to fill in a special declaration and submit it to the tax service.

If the sum exceeds 15,000 rubles, the player calculates and pays tax on his own, and declares the obtained amount. Winnings below 4,000 rubles are exempt from tax.

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