How to use artificial intelligence in gambling: 5 method

How to use artificial intelligence in gambling: 5 method

Competition among online casinos has become more severe, thus, operators try to make apps as interesting and user-friendly as possible. Pioneer companies have a significant competitive advantage: for example, the largest poker online resource – PokerStars that has recently announced its VR project.

More and more companies start using new technologies, in particular, artificial intelligence. The article describes 5 ways of applying AI that can give a competitive edge to online casinos.

AI as virtual players

Artificial intelligence can play like human beings, and even a little better. DeepStack AI is a well-known solution in this area.

During testing, the neural network played 44 852 hands against members of the International Federation of Poker. Within all the hands, AI showed a successful result of 492 mbb/g (milli-big-blinds per game). As a comparison, 100 mbb/g is considered a pretty high rate among experienced players.

AI as a tool to combat problem gambling

Struggle against gambling addiction is an online gambling trend of the past several years. A lot of operators try to prevent problem gambling in order to make a game of chance in their venues controlled and safe.

A new version of BetBuddy’s platform (a well-known software developer) is one of the advanced solutions in this sector. It monitors casino games and user behavior due to AI.

BetBuddy detects suspicious behavior using the neural network analyzing user activity. Problem gamblers will be offered to set up the limit on the game or the temporary account lock-out.

AI as a customer retention method

Previous year, BtoBet presented an innovative online casino platform based on AI. Its main goal is to track players’ actions and respond to them, determining potential demands of users.

The platform analyzes and responds to players’ behavioral characteristics on social media, mobile apps, in search requests, etc. Therefore, AI predicts expectations, while the platform can understand and fulfil requests even of the most demanding online casino visitors.

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Chatbots to help users

The larger the company, the more time and money it spends on customer support. To minimize these expenditures, the company can use a chatbot. Itcanbedesignedbyadevelopmentteam. The main thing is to choose a platform for the chatbot.

For instance, in early 2016, Facebook and Telegram announced special chatbots for simplifying several features. However, while Facebook is still integrating its own bot, Telegram has already launched the second version.

AI as cyber security systems

Fraud is a headache of online casino owners. For example, Richard Marcus fooled online gambling venues for almost $5 million at his time. Now, artificial intelligence allows to define any suspicious activity of users.

A software developer Sirplay has started applying mathematical algorithms in order to establish limits on suspicious bets. If the operator sees that clients do not have any negative values for a long time, they will be immediately blocked. Currently, the company is focusing on the developing markets where statistical AI helps investors who are lack of wide knowledge of the industry and its risks.

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