Casino management: how to make more money?

Casino management: how to make more money?

Elaborated marketing strategy is the main ticket to success in any gambling industry. Casino owner and chief manager have to thoroughly examine their rivals and leaders of the gambling industry in order to have a complete picture of the situation on the market. Only providing that the concept and aims of gambling parlour are fully understood, one can start thinking about further actions to raise the income. There are many ways to attract customers but are all of them effective? Famous gambling companies have already lost large sums of money in an attempt to adopt crazy marketing strategies, which came to nought.

Do you want to come through the same experience? If your answer is negative, keep reading the article!

We have analyzed all possible ways of how to successfully promote offline casino and defined only efficient ones.

►Organization of various lotteries and competitions

Promo offers and lotteries belong to the most effective ways of attracting new gamblers in a casino. They are often used both offline and online.

First, you need to clarify which type of gambling is the most popular in your casino. Then, you can organize a thematic drawing or a tournament. It is advisable to set time limits for winning a prize – you’ll create a particular stir around the event and attract more clients.

If you have the base of regular customers, you can arrange various drawings with valuable prizes for them. This will attract attention to your gambling parlour, increase the number of regular customers and raise the level of loyalty.

Before launching the initiative, it is important:

  • to define groups of target audience – for whom the event is organized;
  • to decide upon main targets – the reason for holding the drawing and its result;
  • to calculate the cost – to approve budget, main prize, necessary equipment, advertising, etc.

We won’t dwell upon peculiarities of holding all kinds of drawings, you can learn more about it here:

►Motivation for the employees of a gambling parlour

This is one of the key factors which will define the further popularity of your gambling parlour. Casino profit depends not only on the sum of gamblers’ losses. In most cases the parlour makes more money selling alcoholic drinks and dishes. It is important for the owner of a gambling business to generate motivation for the staff. These can be bonuses for good job or various bonuses which can be of interest to your employees. First thing, it is important to implement a motivation system for waiters, barmen, administrators and hostess since these employees directly communicate with your clients and build up a general image of your company.

There are lots of variants for staff motivation. It is crucial to define the best one. It can be done only experimentally – i.e. choose several types of bonuses and upon lapse of time keep only those with the best feedback from the staff. As a result, such an innovation will make your guests feel most welcomed and well served. The cost of an average bill at the restaurant or bar may increase.

►The use of modern advertising methods

Nowadays technologies are on the move and develop all the time. This also goes for advertising instruments. Every day comes with more innovational methods for the advertising of offline business.

For instance, US casinos actively use holographic technologies as advertising instrument and while organizing massive shows. You can read about it here:

Some gambling parlours take part in charity events – this is one of the modern advertising trends. People trust more to the participants of such events who also rapidly become famous within the general public. Having defined a hot topic, you can hold charity events in your casino. But it needs a great deal of efforts: you have to find investors, people interested in topics, establish contacts with mass media, etc.

You can find out more information about management peculiarities during the conference Casino Forum Batumi which will be held on the 18th of August.

Helmut Wede, the Operations Services Manager of Casinos Austria International, will speak about the peculiarities of functioning and development of Georgian gambling parlours and how to make them popular among gamblers.

For more information about the conference program visit the page:

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