“Live Games Are a Trendy Direction of the Gambling Business,” Interview with Petr Korpusenko from TVBET

“Live Games Are a Trendy Direction of the Gambling Business,” Interview with Petr Korpusenko from TVBET

CEO of TVBET and expert in live games Petr Korpusenko told about the main advantages of live games, their prospects in the local market, and typical users of such platforms in the interview for RGW.

International firm TVBET, founded in 2016, specializes in the conduct of real-time lottery games intended for entertainment purposes. The assortment includes card games, lottery balls, wheel of fortune, and even backgammon. Partners of the company are the largest bookmakers throughout the world.

Interviewer: RGW 2019 (RGW)
Respondent: Petr Korpusenko (P.К.)

RGW: How do you think – how popular are live games in the modern market?

P.К.: Our companybelieves that live games are a trendy direction of the gambling business. This relates to not only Russian but also global market. The reasons are quite simple: technologies are developing very fast today, and the pace of life is increasing. As a result, players have not so much free time but have certain technological freedom.

Today you can stay in touch and have access to various entertainment activities 24/7 through an ordinary smartphone. Moreover, one can work and have some rest on the Internet from any part of the world. In this respect, live games are very convenient for users that lead an active lifeand are always on the move. Bets are simple and fast to make, available at any time convenient for the player.

However, the main advantage of live games is the fact that everything is transparent, players can see that everything goes on for real.

RGW: Why did you become a live game provider? Which market demands have motivated you to make this step?

P.К.: We have been working in the gambling business for over 10 years and always analyze what is going on in the market. Trends are often changing and you have to keep track of them and respond in an appropriate manner. For example, we have noticed that betting on different fast games is growing in popularity at betting houses.

That is the reason why our company decided to work in this direction and developed live games that are streamed in real time. Just a dozen of providers give such an opportunity globally.

As all games are streamed in real time, our customers trust the service – they can make sure that everything is happening for real. Another important moment – a big selection of tournaments in every game with good odds.

RGW: How can this service change the betting market and contribute to its development?

P.К.: The market will be developing dynamically thanks to this service and will make more profit. Players also receive benefits – a wider range of entertainment activities at least.

RGW: In your opinion, are modifications of this offering needed in the nearest future?

P.К.: I think it is operators that have to organize this process. We work all around the world and some countries including Russia strictly control licenses of operators. We provide our media content only to legal betting companies.

RGW: What is the key advantage of live games over sports betting?

P.К.: Of course, players can place bets from the comfort of their homes as well. However, live games have one important distinctive feature – they take place non-stop, all day round, without weekends. So, players can use this service at any convenient time. Whereas sports tournaments have clear time limits, take place on certain days and hours.

Besides, the assortment of live games is rather big, which gives the possibility to choose something special to your liking. This implies a more comprehensive selection of player interests than in the case of an ordinary sport match with few opportunities. Apart from the big range of live games, betting content also implies a wide selection of outcomes for every type of game, which is also appealing for the player.

TVBET is an international company and is presented in different countries of the world. We know that all regions are very different and each of them has certain trends. However, in every country players value quality, service, and up-to-dateness.

TVBET is a Platinum sponsor of the international Russian Gaming Week 2019 exhibition-forum held in Moscow on June 6-7.

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