Key representatives of Russian betting business will speak at RGW


Today bookmaking business is a multi-million dollar industry with lots of clients all over the world and billions of dollars of turnover, which is quite comparable to those of big banks and investment companies.

That is why at RGW special attention will be paid to bookmaking industry, especially on the first day – on June 3, that will be called «betting day».

Speakers of the first day are the key players of the industry, who know everything about betting. In particular, Konstantin Makarov and Leonid Obozniy will speak at the conference.



Konstantin Makarov - President of SRO in bookmaking field, will deliver report on: "Responsible Gaming: new level of bookmaking in Russia".

Konstantin Makarov graduated from the Moscow University of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with degree in law, PhD.

From January 2013 to present he is president of the Russian Association of Bookmakers. Since July 2013 he is President of SRO in bookmaking industry. Konstantin was repeatedly awarded honorary signs of social organizations and charities.




Leonid Obozniy - president of First Gaming (Rub90), will deliver report on: "Analysis of betting market: facts and trends".

Leonid Obozniy is also a board member of self-regulatory organization of bookmakers, head of Expert Council of the Russian Association of Bookmakers. He has been working in gambling business for over 23 years, previously headed leading Russian casinos. For the last 9 years, a key focus of his activities is bookmaking.

First Gaming (Rub90) is implementing large-scale projects in the field of gambling and betting business.

Leonid Obozniy regularly contributes and speakers to media, at conferences, including speaking at Russian Gaming Week in 2012-2014.

Speakers of RGW Conference are true professionals and as you made sure they have great experience in betting business.

Visit Russian Gaming Week 2015 to be held on 3-4 June in Moscow ECC "Sokolniki" to listen to experts’ reports.

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