Kangwon Land: casinos have secured the prosperity of Kangwon Province

Kangwon Land: casinos have secured the prosperity of Kangwon Province

In August this year casino operators Summit Ascent and Melco International (participants of ‘G1 Entertainment’) and Kangwon Land signed a partnership agreement.

The agreement doesn't bind to anything, but partnership can result in bringing a new resident to Primorye gambling zone.


South Korean company Kangwon Land runs an integrated resort of the same name. It was constructed with support from authorities in order to improve the economic situation in Kangwon Province. Casino facilitated the increase of tourist traffic within the region, which in its turn encouraged the development of infrastructure for other leisure time activities: emergence of skiing pistes, aqua parks, golf courses, etc. According to Kangwon Land’s management, the province began to prosper with the emergence of gambling institutions.

Top managers of South Korean company believe that Primorye gambling zone can play the same role for the region, where it is located. That’s why they paid attention to the Russian project.

Working with Summit Ascent and Melco International, Kangwon Land is planning to examine the operational experience of new partners in the local market in order to make decision regarding their participation in the project aimed at the development of Primorye. Representatives of South Korean party do not rule out investing funds in the creation of entertainment facilities, for example a golf club or a duty free zone. The latter is possible only in case Russian legislation is changed.

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