We Do Everything to Make Players Close the Chat in a Positive Mood: Interview with SupportLAB 

We Do Everything to Make Players Close the Chat in a Positive Mood: Interview with SupportLAB 

An exhibitor of Russian Gaming Week 2019 will be SupportLAB, a company that has been working in the gambling industry for 10 years, helping players to obtain the best possible service and operators to increase profit. 

SupportLAB provides such services as twenty-four-hour player support, adjustment of automatic email and push notifications, customer base segmentation, personal support of VIP players, and bonus system planning. The company also monitors verification, winning withdrawals, and conducts fraud inspection.     

We talked to a representative of SupportLAB in order to discover special features of company operations and its approach to client retention.  

Interviewer: Russian Gaming Week 2019 (RGW)
Respondent: Oleksandr Gumeniuk, CEO at SupportLab (O.G.)

RGW: Hello! What companies and jurisdictions have you dealt with? How different are their demands?

O.G.: Hello! Currently all our customers are from Eastern Europe, but we have potential clients from Central and Western Europe as well. In fact, their demands are not quite different. All they need is high-quality service. What we actually provide.

RGW: What challenges do you face most frequently when providing management and marketing services?

O.G.: All brands have different kinds of traffic: players want diversified games, promotions; they celebrate various holidays, and so on. Therefore, the most difficult thing is to find something special for a given client. We like such issues, as they make us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as well as encourage to follow new industry trends, particularly in certain regions of the world.

RGW: Please share the most offbeat and complicated customer requirement. 

O.G.: A girl deposited 500 EUR and won 140,000 EUR in one of our client’s brands. We were asked to prevent her from leaving so that she would lose as much money as possible. We got started and found out everything about the girl: her favorite drinks, walks, and clubs. Furthermore, we figured out what venue she liked most of all. Therefore, our VIP manager became her best friend instead of looking for reasons for ban and forfeiture of funds, which was a poor strategy in itself.          

We gave the girl excellent bonuses, reserved a table in her favorite club, and did everything to help her enjoying the brand of our customer. Finally, she lost almost all money and withdrew only several thousand EUR. The mission was accomplished.     

The only thing was complicated: to create and adjust the fully automated player retention and winback in more than 10 segments with large conversations in a week. We succeeded.

RGW: What is the best way to retain players? Why? 

O.G.: The best way to retain gamblers is to understand their interests and desires. It is crucial to know what players will like and dislike, when it is better to address them, what bonuses, and in what game, will be appropriate, or whether to prepare a physical gift in some cases. These aspects are particularly significant regarding VIPs. You should know what they eat, which clubs attend, where spend their vacation, etc. This is the only way to give such a gift that will definitely thrill them, excluding the possibility to leave your resource.

RGW: How do you monitor the efficiency of your services provided to clients? 

O.G.: In the context of support service, we have a huge amount of internal standards controlled by individual specialists. I cannot reveal precise KPI, but we do everything to make players not only get a prompt and correct answer to their questions, but also close the chat in a positive mood. Besides, we even have a special prize for operators: The Player’s Best Friend.    

As to VIP management, we track performance of each valuable player and prepare reports for customers. We are also ready to give a comprehensive answer concerning all VIPs. Generally, we know exactly the reason for players’ activity or inactivity. For example, when a gambler is participating in a certain game as part of the championship.

RGW: Your website states that you carry out fraud inspection. Tell us about its concept. What are its key points?

O.G.: We check all withdrawals for any types of fraud, bonus misuse, or other violations. We thoroughly examine players’ bets, bonuses, documents, previous withdrawals and deposits. Consequently, we substantially save customer’s money, as they do not lose funds because of swindlers and bonus hunters.

RGW: What will you introduce in the exhibition area to RGW attendees?

O.G.: We will present the most important thing: the possibility to talk personally and discuss all aspects of our operations. If you have any questions about our services, or if you want to share your experience and discuss industry trends, welcome to our collaborative stand of SupportLAB/Quints.

You can discover more about SupportLAB’s services at Russian Gaming Week 2019 exhibition-forum that will take place in Moscow in June 6-7.    

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