Russia Can Ban Instant Online Lotteries, and EU to Create Single Gambling Market. Gambling News

Russia Can Ban Instant Online Lotteries, and EU to Create Single Gambling Market. Gambling News

Why did Russia not increase the age requirement for betting shop customers? What will the establishment of the EU’s single online gambling market lead to? Why can Russia prohibit instant online lotteries? These and other gambling news are described in our weekly digest.

Georgia Is Going to Maximally
Secure Teenagers Against Gambling

Irakli Kobakhidze, Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, states that the authorities are going to take measures to restrict minors’ access to gambling services. They will initiate the bill on the prohibition of gambling advertising in the near time. Besides, the age limit for gambling will also be changed. A corresponding bill will be prepared as soon as possible.

Currently, persons below 21 years of age are not allowed to enter land-based casinos in Georgia. Persons over the age of 18 can register to virtual gambling venues.

Kindred’s Representative
Offers to Form EU’s Single
Online Gambling Market

Henrik Tjarnstrom, CEO at Kindred, believes that the government should prepare the legal framework for establishing a single gambling market within the European Union. It will simplify monitoring and controlling of the gambling industry. Besides, such a step will enhance the quality of provided services.

The expert stresses that gambling club clients from various EU countries should be equally secured. According to Henrik Tjarnstrom, the development of the single market is a crucial issue for the gambling sector.

Russia Can Ban
Instant Online Lotteries

Such a prohibition was initiated by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. It offered to impose a ban on onlineno-draw lotteries. Specialists suppose that illegal gambling is organized under the pretext of them.

As of today, Russia allows only state lotteries conducted by the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Sport. At the same time, online lotteries areforbidden by law. The only exceptions are the All-Russian State Lottery and the International Lottery.

Russia Does Not Increase
Age Restriction for Betting Shop Players

Members of Russia’s State Duma did not support the initiative for raising the minimum age of betting shop clients up to 21 years. It was reported by Andrei Svintsov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications.

The deputy mentions that Russia has already adopted a sufficient amount of restrictions concerning betting companies.

He also notes that sports TV channels have a reasonable volume of betting advertising materials. Its decrease will negatively affect specialized mass media.

Summit Ascent Holdings, Investor
of Tigre de Cristal Casino,
Loses Its Executive Director

John Wang resigned as Executive Director and Deputy Chairman of Summit Ascent Holdings owing the controlling stake of Tigre de Cristal located in the Primorye gambling zone.

The company asserts that John Wang has no disputes with the governing board. Top managers expressed their gratitude to him for the great contribution to the growth of Summit Ascent Holdings.

John Wang has been working as Executive Director since 2017. Back then, he was the second largest shareholder at the company (10.8% of stocks belonged to him). His share decreased up to 5% in 2018.

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