Solutions Aimed at Customer Attraction and Confidence Increase Become More Relevant. Interview with Valeriy Petrov, Vice President at RACIB 

Solutions Aimed at Customer Attraction and Confidence Increase Become More Relevant. Interview with Valeriy Petrov, Vice President at RACIB 

“Almost all areas and cross-cutting digital technologies are essential to gambling,” Valeriy Petrov, Vice President at Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), states. In an interview with Russian Gaming Week, the expert talks about innovative solutions allowing to develop gambling projects. 

Interviewer: Russian Gaming Week (RGW)
Respondent: Valeriy Petrov (V.P.) 

RGW: When did you start cooperating with RACIB? What do you specialize in?  

V.P.: RACIB invited me right after its foundation in 2017. Since autumn 2017, I have been holding a position of Vice President there.   

My key priority at the association is projects related to crypto industry development, regulation of this market, and training organization. Besides, areas of my interest and responsibility include gaming projects. 

Given the fact that I have been operating in the financial sector for 20 years, I have interacted with gaming companies: from financing arrangements to the integration of breakthrough technological solutions into these enterprises.

RGW: How did you recognize the potential of blockchain for business growth? 

V.P.: In the age of digitalization, the adoption of new solutions aimed at attracting customers, increasing their confidence, and improving the gaming process is becoming even more relevant. Therefore, innovative digital solutions applied by RACIB, including blockchain, the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, and many others, are directly applicable to gambling business.        

RACIB's agenda is based on these objectives, as this organization extensively supports advanced solutions and projects, in particular gaming ones.  

Let’s examine a case study. One has recently launched a project called FLAK Research LLC under the support of Russian Venture Company and Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It is one of the spectacular examples of how to provide data exchange security in information flows supposing both money mutual accounts and private data transmission using innovative digital solutions.          

I mention this example because the gambling industry requires such solutions. Thus, I will talk about FLAK Research in detail as part of my presentation at the conference.

RGW: Which of the technologies (AR, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, etc.) is the most promising in the gambling sector? Why? 

V.P.: Almost all areas and cross-cutting digital technologies are essential to gambling. Initially, I would like to stress blockchain allowing to propel confidence between players and organizations to the next level. These solutions almost eliminate unnecessary third parties.     

Adding the efficient application of transmitted data protection technologies to the above-mentioned aspects, we receive a perfect option of the closed gaming system that can very likely show the high economic efficiency due to players’ great trust and low costs.         

I would complement blockchain with neural technologies and artificial intelligence, which help to significantly automate gaming processes as well as make games more interesting and meaningful. 

One more useful thing is wireless communication technologies allowing to connect players from around the world with almost all types of devices via special secure channels.        

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are also crucial: they make the gaming process more illustrative, interesting, and alluring.   

RACIB and I as Vice President have the whole range of turnkey solutions for gambling companies.    

After the presentation at the forum, I would like to meet personally with people interested in off-the-shelf solutions proven themselves in practice.

Valeriy Petrov will make a presentation titled ‘Trends and cases of digitalization uptake in the gaming and entertainment industry’ on June 7 at Russian Gaming Week.

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