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Primorye is in a full swing. The region budget to be enriched by 41 bn RUB in 2019


Primorye is in a full swing. The region budget to be enriched by 41 bn RUB in 2019

According to Primorsky Krai Development Corporation CEO Andrey Folomeev, Primorye development will benefit the region economy, which would be seen in two years only.

The expert counts that 41.3 bn RUB of third party investments will be attracted.

The second stage of Primorye gambling zone development started in 2016. To establish new entertaining complexes, more than 33 bn RUB is promised to be invested by 2019. Among them - Naga Vladivostok with 11 floors, a huge concert hall, almost 280 rooms, 30 gaming tables and 300 slots. An affiliate company of Cambodian corporation Naga Corp Ltd will invest 6.6 bn for its building.

In three years, another complex Selena will appear, which will cost an investor 6 bn RUB. It will include 10 floors, 295 rooms, 500 slots and 100 gaming tables.

A successful casino Tigre de Cristal investor is on the way of building another modern complex. Its design will be approved this year with the start of building works. The project budget has been estimated at $500 m. More than 4 bn RUB of third party funds is planned to be attracted.

Moreover, Sun and Phoenix complexes will be established in 2019, which requires about 17 bn RUB. However, no investor has got interested in the projects yet.

As reported by Folomeev, 49 m RUB has been withdrawn from the budget this year. The funds will be used for infrastructure improvement, which will make off-budget investments more profitable.


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