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  • 2019

First-day results of RGW 2017: speakers’ key points


First-day results of RGW 2017: speakers’ key points

Sokolniki ECC is hosting the international forum dedicated to the gambling business – Russian Gaming Week. To keep you informed, we have prepared a review of the key points of top speakers’ presentations.


  • Mariya Lepschikova: about consequences of the new law on purpose-oriented deductions

Lawyer at PL LLC revealed that a significant part of market players decided not to accept bets on Russian sports competitions after signing the new law on purpose-oriented deductions. Their response led to a new law prohibiting betting on non-sporting events. According to the expert, such an idea would appear anyway but not so fast.

First-day results of RGW 2017: speakers’ key points (1)

The lawyer has mentioned that the administrative punishment for neglecting to pay deductions in favor of sports has not yet provided. But it will be corrected very soon.


  • Sergey Efimenko: about advantages of applying B2B solutions in the betting business

COO at BetСonstruct said that betting business establishment required either developing of a separate platform or using ready-made B2B solutions. The second option is much more profitable.

“To provide normal course of business, one should have staff of around 300 specialists. Minimum expenses will reach $4.05 million per year. This sum of money will make you a VIP customer for any B2B solution provider. Just imagine what will happen in case of putting the rest money on the marketing aspect,” Sergey Efimenko said.


  • Francesco Baranka: about fixed matches

According to the head of Federbet, a majority of people have absolutely no idea of fixed matches. And those believing they know something about this issue keep betting.

First-day results of RGW 2017: speakers’ key points (2)

The speaker has stressed that there are very few people, approximately 0.05%, being aware of fixed matches.


  • Konstantin Makarov: about purpose-oriented deductions in favor of eSports development

The head of Bingo Boom betting shop and the Self-regulatory Organization of Bookmakers reminded that Russia recognized eSports as the official kind of sports. However, according to the new law, bookmakers have the right to accept bets on eSports competitions without deductions in favor of industry development. As soon as the Russian eSports Federation is established, the situation will change.

First-day results of RGW 2017: speakers’ key points (3)

The head of the Self-regulatory Organization of Bookmakers has also talked about country’s eSports audience: 85% are men with 83% of them being under the age of 35, in other words millennials.


  • Leonid Paramonov: about NTV-Plus products for bookmakers

The Director of Corporate Sales Department of NTV-Plus reported that his company provides several useful solutions for bookmakers:

  • Special set-top box with pause and rewind functions, which can be installed in betting shops;
  • Multiscreen service, which provides a possibility to watch broadcasts of events.

“There is a great variety of partnership models. White label is an excellent opportunity to earn money together,” the speaker highlighted.


  • Julia Nemtseva: about new advertising tools for betting business

Managing partner of AdConsul stated that the new law opened appalling opportunities for advertising and promotion of betting activity.

“According to the new betting law, we received TV inventory. Match TV represents a colossal scope: there's room for everyone,” Nemtseva said.

First-day results of RGW 2017: speakers’ key points (4)

Speaker mentioned that bookmakers would be able to reach the audience of Eurosport and YouTube that don’t fall within the scope of the law, to place ads on the boards of the football field fences during matches and on sportsmen’s T-shirts during promotional activities.


The CIS region’s largest international event RGW 2017 takes place in ECC Sokolniki from 7 to 8 of June. To find out the details, subscribe to our news!


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