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Grigoriy Shelest: The future of the gambling industry is in mobile apps now


Grigoriy Shelest: The future of the gambling industry is in mobile apps now

The online gambling market is developing: software is gradually moving into a mobile, and players prefer to make money transfers using not bank cards, but rather crypto wallets.

We talked with the speaker of RGW 2018 Grigoriy Shelest, New Business Director BOSS gaming studio, about the key trends in iGaming, as well as about the main components of a successful gambling product.

Interviewer: Russian Gaming Week (RGW)
Speaker: Grigoriy Shelest (G.Sh.)

RGW: How is the gambling industry developing and what is the pace of its development? What are the trends in this business?

G.Sh.: The online segment of the iGaming industry is developing rapidly and growing every year. In 2015, the share of global online gambling and betting was 9.5%, resulting in 34.1 billion euros. In 2018, it is expected to grow to 11.3% with a total income of about 44.2 billion euros.

At the same time, the growth of incomes from betting is more than that of gambling, and the fastest growing segment is mobile betting. According to H2 Gambling Capital, it is expected that this year the mobile will continue to grow and will bring already 38.4% of revenue in the online sector. To cut a long story short, the future of the gambling industry is in mobile apps now, so you should take care of the availability of the offered games not only for PCs, but also for mobile devices.

Another trend that we see now is the use of blockchain technologies and the ability to conduct financial transactions using cryptocurrency.

RGW: How much does an online casino turnkey development take? What are the difficulties on the way from the concept to release?

G.Sh.: If you have all the necessary software and a smooth workflow, the development of an online casino takes about 6 months. But it can be delayed, if the client has special requirements to the product that require customized solutions. Communication with a team of developers and designers, aimed at clarifying the client’s wishes also takes some time.

BOSS. Gaming studio can create an online casino turnkey in just 60 days, because BOSS. Platform already includes everything you need to implement the project, including a license.

RGW: What innovative technologies do you use in your work? VR, AI, blockchain?

G.Sh.: We constantly follow the updates in the field of gambling and others, however the technologies themselves cannot guarantee the success of the product. It is important to understand what and how to use and whether it is really necessary to implement new solutions.

Such innovations as artificial intelligence, VR, or blockchain are not directly related to the creation of online casinos, because they do not help to develop a game resource and bring it to the top.

At this stage, we prefer to act according to the already tested and proven traditional scheme when developing and launching a gambling product.

But we do not exclude the possibility of using these technologies as additional transformations of a ready-made product in the future.

RGW: What is the marketing features for gambling products?

G.Sh.: As in any other sector, the main goal of marketing is to attract the target audience by creating a thought-out promotion strategy, and also to retain clients. However, marketing in gambling should also be very flexible to change and constantly look for a unique niche for attracting targeted traffic. When going from offline to online, you need to change the approach to product mechanics and interaction with customers radically.

RGW: Name the five main components for a successful gambling product.


  1. The first is, of course, the content that players use on the casino website. High-quality games are the key to success, because it is what the client comes to the website for. The content should include betting as well, since it is very popular among fans of online gambling and sports.
  2. The second is the loyalty program, which includes bonuses, promotions, cashbacks and exclusive VIP offers. Many users play not only for the very process of the game, but also for the benefit, so the casino without any loyalty program is fighting a losing battle.
  3. Another important aspect for the success of the gambling product is payment systems. Money transfer is always a risk, and every player wants to feel safe while making transactions. It is better to give players several popular payment options to choose from, each of which must include several solutions for credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers.
  4. Important also are the Anti-Fraud system and user support. As I said, players appreciate security and will not waste time on an unreliable game resource. In addition, all clients appreciate care and wants to receive answers to their questions without extra efforts, which should be guaranteed by qualified online support.
  5. And, finally, the license. It is what the player will necessarily pay attention to. For players, license is a guarantee of the smooth operation of the online casino and its own safety as a visitor.

RGW: What are you planning to present at Russian Gaming Week on June 7-8?

G.Sh.: The main product to be presented by BOSS. Gaming studio at RGW is BOSS. Platform. This solution helps us to create a full-fledged online casino in just 60 days, because the platform already includes a set of necessary functions.

We will also present Simple Games and Another Games.

Simple Games – a product for the retail segment of the gambling business that allows you to run a gambling hall or a network of halls with table games, slots and lottery using minimal resources.

Another Games – slots for online casinos from BOSS. Gaming studio with excellent graphics and colorful interface.

Thus, the online gambling industry is actively developing, and to make its product popular among players, single marketing is not enough. It is also necessary to take care of the software quality and the security of the customers.

To learn more about how to make your business profitable and what you need to pay attention to when creating your gambling product, register to Russian Gaming Week.


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