• June
  • 6-7
  • 2019




GREENBET betting network participated in Russian Gaming Week 2018 as an exhibitor.

Early in June of 2018, pavilion №2 of ECC Sokolniki started to prepare for the upcoming event – the tenth international exhibition and forum RGWeek. The event is considered perhaps as the central one in the Russian gambling world. The exhibition regularly gathers the main representatives of the gambling business to discuss the latest news, express mutual respect and present novelties, for instance, the new policy of a company, advanced products and technologies, or new formats of collaboration.

To make spectacular and illustrative presentations, participants annually prepare conceptual booths that allow guests to plunge into the atmosphere favorable for the perception of required information. It can be safely said that the team of GREENBET betting network was among the best to fulfill this task with their booth B-4. Attendees of the exhibition could see it to their right as they entered the pavilion. Combination of bright green and white colors instantly grabbed the attention of every person entering the hall, and the conventional division in three small zones made using round arches in the central part of the booth instantly segmented the audience according to their preferences and interests.

For instance, when facing the booth, one could read “GREENBET. Offering innovations. Preserving traditions. Creating the future” on the white wall towering behind the arches. By going through the arches, one would find himself in the Innovations Zone and learn about the company’s latest products. By passing the arches on the left side, one would find himself in the Zone of the Future and enjoy the concept video of the GREENBET’s sports line, which should be launched on January 1, 2019. The Zone of Traditions, in its turn, identified owners and fans of classic casino games. However, taking into account the specifics of the market, regulation, and activity of GREENBET betting network, it was slightly distanced from the two other zones.

Here “Preserving traditions” relates to the company’s striving to meet the demand of the old-school guests for gambling and thrill not having access to gambling zones, in compliance with the current legal regulation. The Innovations Zone offers a new format of collaboration called “GREENBET identification outlets” and special offer “GREENBET TRADE IN” that allows shifting from any other license to the №19 license owned by LLC Panorama, the owner of GREENBET brand. Whereas the trade-in offer provides beneficial partnership conditions for potential franchisee that own a club/clubs, “Identification outlets” represent an innovative option of partnership aimed even at entrepreneurs not connected with gambling and betting activities.


One of the presented functional tools was “The unified marketing support inside the network” that facilitates complex promotion in the local markets without additional expenditures and efforts for all partners. Federal marketing special offer “Become a champion of GREENBET-2018!” launched during the 21st FIFA World Cup is a bright example of the tool in action. The details are available on the updated website of the company, also presented at the booth. The website greenbet.ru, among other things, allows accepting interactive bets in the lines of PABK (a software and hardware betting complex) and Quick Bets. Advanced tools of these lines were also presented: Jackpot and Penalty.

Open lectures session held behind the GREENBET booth featured different speakers that discussed a range of various interesting topics. For instance, peculiarities and benefits of online marketing, blockchain technologies as a source of financing and a means of gaming capital turnover, security systems intended to protect websites against fraudsters, and many others. At the end of the first exhibition day, there was an awards ceremony, honoring the best players of the gambling industry. GREENBET won The Innovator of the Year award. A journalistic conference was held on the second floor of the pavilion. The air was filled with joy and like-mindedness.

As the FIFA World Cup has already started, the gambling business and betting in particular are now more than ever popular. That’s the reason why football theme was used in the design of the GREENBET booth: half of the Innovations Zone, which symbolized the present times, resembled a football field. Furthermore, white arches looked like goalkeeper’s gates, and the prototype of the identification outlet’s desk in the background of the booth was colored to resemble a classic soccer ball.


The main colors of the booth as well as GREENBET’s new image were white and green. It attracted attention of many mass media representatives, entrepreneurs, and potential partners. General positive impression among the wide public comprises the core idea of the updated policy of the company. GREENBET betting network kind of comes into the light and summons everyone to follow. The least one can do on the verge of the global sports fest is bringing sports betting to the level of the socially acceptable practice rather than dubious. However, that’s not the limit, of course.

In fact, there is nothing bad in the conduct of the betting activity in the full compliance with the law from the standpoint of both the club and the guest. GREENBET supports only legal activities. Their conceptual booth clearly illustrated this position.




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