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Arseny Kardash, QTech Games: Asia and the CIS countries are desired markets for gambling distributors


Arseny Kardash, QTech Games: Asia and the CIS countries are desired markets for gambling distributors

Crowded Asian countries are one of the most promising gambling markets, according to Arseny Kardash, Customer Success Manager at QTech Games. The company was a Bag Sponsor of Russian Gaming Week this year. Besides, it is one of the most rapidly developing gambling distributors in Asia. We talked to Arseny about characteristics of the Asian market as well as the game selection and ambitious goals of QTech Games.

Interviewer: Russian Gaming Week (RGW).
Respondent: Arseny Kardash (AK).

RGW: QTech Games is described as Asia’s most rapidly growing game distributor. Why did you choose this region?

AK: We aimed to find the best random number generator games and distribute them to Asian operators. Certainly, this crowded and multi-faceted region offers players and gambling providers a huge potential. Let’s take India as an example. Its population (1.3 billion people as of today) grows faster than in any other country. The World Bank expects that its economy will also be the most highly developing one in 2018. Now, 87% of Indian citizens who are fond of gambling games have an access to 4G.

It is easy to interpret these figures even regarding the territory where the majority of gambling types remain illegal. Nevertheless, a thorough approach is required to enter any market being at the early stage of its formation. It is a potential gold mine, although the market is quite divergent in terms of both legislation and consumer preferences.

RGW: How is QTech Games represented in Russia? Why are you interested in the Russian market?

AK: After setting up operations in Asia, it would be a serious mistake not to turn attention to the Russian audience! It is the size and scope of the market that matter. Revealing its potential is a great challenge to QTech Games.

This year, we have opened our eyes to the new possibilities, attending RGW. We rely on the growth and new achievements on the CIS and Russian markets. We can mention our recent agreement with Betradar on the integration of virtual sports and eSports as an example. It clearly shows our striving for the development along with our clients and partners. Therefore, RGW has become one of the major international exhibitions for QTech Games.

RGW: Please tell us in detail about the Asian online gambling market: how diverse is it? What countries do you prioritize and why?

AK: The CIS countries are our priority, together with some East Asian countries: Japan and South Korea. At the same time, our main goal is to become the largest digital entertainment provider in Asia within three years. Therefore, we cannot exclude any region, whether it be a mature market where we have set up our operations or a relatively new one for the company.

We will succeed only due to the keen understanding and comprehensive strategy that corresponds to local cultural preferences and legislation in a certain territory. For instance, mahjong is popular in China, while pachinko is a huge hit in Japan. There is no common and easy solution for Asia.

Nonetheless, new technologies in gambling are the main aspect allowing us to grow successfully in Asia. Thus, despite various local social standards, they will be always overcome by the price and availability of corresponding technologies.

RGW: QTech Games cooperates with various providers of random number generator games. How do you create an offer and select games?

AK: All games should feature exciting graphics and outstanding soundscape in order to provide an attractive and engaging gaming process. However, as mentioned above, players' tastes in a rich variety of Asian games can be very different. So, the selection process is quite diligent: region segmentation, correspondence with cultural characteristics, age and gender preferences, without mentioning the dominant legislation within certain territories.

RGW: Month by month, you introduce from 5 to 10 new games. Which of them have become the trend of the season? Do players change their preferences?

AK: Due to the above-stated diversity of content, this year we have launched QT Play: the first mobile cross-provider app specially designed for the gaming industry. It is based on technology allowing QTech players to choose a certain game of any provider and switch between them as you wish. As the result, each game easily finds its own audience using advanced machine learning technology.

It allows our partners to feel confident in any region. Moreover, if the rate of QT Play integration grows, there is every reason to believe that the app will make something for the gaming industry that Spotify has made for the music sector.

RGW: Tell us about your customer support program. How does your support operate? What are the obligations of Client Success Manager?

AK: Our support is available 24/7/365. Our customers and partners can address our specialists any moment and receive a required support online on Skype or other accessible messengers. There is no need to send angry tickets and wait for the reply for days and weeks. Custom Success Manager’s obligations include the establishment and coordination of the cooperation with new customers and partners. And, surely, the regular contact with existing customers in order to improve their business results of cooperation with us.

RGW: QTech Games became a Sponsor of Russian Gaming Week Moscow. What do you think about the event?

AK: It allowed us to understand better the gambling market condition in Russia and the CIS countries. Besides, we managed to establish new useful contacts and meet with current partners and colleagues. I hope that QTech Games will participate in the RGW exhibition with its own stand next year.


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