Analysis of gambling platform users: playing in different countries

Analysis of gambling platform users: playing in different countries

Gamblers’ behavior differs in various regions: countries and cultures establish consumers’ interests. Therefore, online casino operators should take into account demographic profiles, opinions, and gaming habits in different regions.

Let’s focus on the gambling market analysis by BOSS. Gaming solutions and examine data on gaming preferences of users worldwide.

Gaming regions

According to research, Europe is the most active and profitable gaming region as of 2018. Its annual gross revenue was about $27.169 million at total gross income of around $50.894 million. European major preferences include slot machines, lotteries, casinos, and races.

Asia and Near East are ranked second with gross revenue of $13.687 million, and North America is the third with profit of $6.083 million.

In the future, gambling will evolve most rapidly in South America: its gross revenue will grow by 12% from 2017. Besides, total gains will increase by 7%.

Betting vs. gambling

Betting was a leading activity within almost all regions in 2017. For example, Asia and Middle East made the biggest amount of bets: 51.4% of the market share. At the same time, participation in online casino games was 36.4%.

Europe occupied the second place in terms of betting – 32% of the total number of bets, while the rate of engagement in casino games was 27.2%.

Besides, gambling was popular in North America: 28.5% of total online casino involvement. As to the amount of bets, the region took only 7% of common market share.


Gambling platform should pay attention not only to licenses, seamless marketing, and interesting offers, but also to preferences of the target audience.Given user gaming behavior in numerous countries and regions, operators are able to prepare appropriate gambling offers.

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