Active work on Shambala CJSC and anti-match-fixing challenges: gambling news

Active work on Shambala CJSC and anti-match-fixing challenges: gambling news

What do interfere with anti-match-fixing in Russia? What will be the new procedure of supervision over Yantarnaya gambling zone? These and other news are described in our daily digest.

Buryatia won’t build new gambling and entertainment zone

After much discussion, the Government of Baikal Region refused to establish a new gambling zone in the Buryat Republic.

Five MPs supported the initiative, but six MPs were against the project. It means that the issue of implementing the gambling and entertainment zone in Buryatia is still over.

Kaliningrad Region develops procedure of supervision over Yantarnaya gambling zone

The authorities of Kaliningrad Region have prepared the new rules of regional supervision over gambling organization and conduction in the Yantarnaya zone. According to these rules, government officials are able to carry out both scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Their results will be publicly available.

“Reliable employees should detect, prevent, and repress breaches committed by gambling organizers. Members of the Ministry of Regional Control will be responsible for supervising functions. Decisions and actions of public officials from regional state monitoring agencies during inspections may be contested administratively and (or) judicially in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation,” the statement said.

Head of the Department of Tourism of Primorye: work on Shambala CJSC is in full swing

Shambala CJSC in the Primorye gambling zone will be put into operation at the beginning of the next year. It was reported on Facebook by Konstantin Shestakov, Director of the Department of Tourism of Primorye.

“Shambala CJSC is advancing quite rapidly. The venue was just exploring the possibility of investments in June 2018. Now, the project is completed, inspections are passed, and the permit is available. Most significantly, the object is growing by leaps and bounds,” Konstantin Shestakov stresses on the social network.

Expert reveals what prevents Russia from anti-match-fixing

Vladimir Saraev, a member of the Expert Council for physical culture and sports of the Federation Council Committee for social policy, states that duplications in laws prevent the country from combating match fixing.

“In the context of match fixing, we have introduced the amendments to boththe Criminal Code and the Federal Law On Physical Culture and Sport. In fact, there was a certain duplication: the same changes appeared in the Federal Law on Sports and in the Criminal Code. It turned out that the independence of definition was minimized in the criminal law. Actually, one repeated the approach taken in the federal law.

To make the legislation work in a proper manner, one should correct the article of the Criminal Code regardless of the Federal Law On Physical Culture and Sport. Moreover, one should oblige sports federations and professional leagues to inform the law enforcement authorities not of fixed matches but of their signs,” Vladimir Saraev comments on.

Tigre de Cristal mentions decrease in revenues in 2018

Tigre de Cristal, a casino in Russia’s Primorye gambling zone, announced the reduction of profit in 2018. However, the company obtained income in spite of these factors unlike 2017 when the casino owner faced the net loss of $10 million. The Hong Kong investor of Tigre de Cristal, holding 60% of company shares, revealed revenue amounting to $509 thousand.

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