Five reasons to take a platform on lease

Five reasons to take a platform on lease

A platform is a foundation of any online gambling project, either it is a casino or a lottery.

Among the most widespread questions posed by various online gambling operators is whether it´s better to take software on lease or to develop their own software from scratch.

Here we present five reasons explaining why leasehold is more preferable for you.


► Cost & Time Saving

It is probably one of the main reasons why taking an online casino platform on lease is better than developing it from scratch. A ready-made platform will cost ten or even hundred times cheaper than development of a brand new script. The inner contents will not differ greatly from those personalized provided for you by the IT department. It will take you around one or two months to launch a project based on a turnkey platform. Development of a platform from scratch with an analogical functionality of software multiplies your time expenditures by 10, so it will take you around 1,5-2 years.

Automatic software updates

By using a ready-made system for online casinos you automatically become a user of all its updates and automatic innovations without spending any additional funds, as all of your software updates occur automatically.

Developers are constantly improving their platforms in order to optimize and equip them with innovative technologies for the convenience of both operators and users, as well as to provide better conditions of software utilization.

Having taken a platform on lease, you get all of the mentioned above automatically, and at the same time, you don’t need to hire additional employees still remaining a contemporary online casino operator ready to provide its clients with the best tools and technologies.

► Security

To be a sole owner of an online casino platform sounds good, though it only seems so. Why? First of all, because you have to deal with all the problems and bugs occurring in your system all on your own. Becoming one of provider’s clients, you are getting the highest level of software security instead. When it comes to bugs, in the majority of cases, they are fixed by entire departments of employees of the company responsible for provision of 100% secure system functioning.

► Reliability

You need to make sure that all your data is securely protected from being stolen or hacked by fraudsters. By resorting to a company with a sound reputation, you get a certain guarantee of quality services and further security of your information.

► Commitment to your commercial development

Online casino operators usually pay a certain percent to software developers for the use of their content, which is a commission out of total revenue of an online casino. The principle is simple: the higher are the revenues of a casino operator, the higher provider´s commission is. Development and expansion of your gambling website depends directly on the income of the company-developer. For this very reason, by leasing online casino software from a reliable provider, you get quality products, reliable security system and a crew of professionals committed to make your online project successful.



The company CASEXE offers multifunctional and flexible platforms complying both with operators’ and clients’ requirements in terms of innovations. As your partners, we guide you at all stages of our collaboration providing you with all the necessary information concerning software utilization.

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