Meet: Masters of Betting Awards 2016 Destinies

Meet: Masters of Betting Awards 2016 Destinies

If you have even little to do with betting business, then you surely know that on June 2 the annual Betting Awards ceremony will take place in Sokolniki. Prestigious rewards will be given to leading betting industry participants.

Only best of the best can be trusted with judging such event! We have already told about first participants of the judge team. Today you will meet the addition! Five new experts leading successful betting companies will determine winners in six of the nine categories. The fate of the other three participants is in your hands!

So here they are.


Konstantin-Makarov-Betting-Awards-2016Konstantin Makarov, President of Bingo Boom betting company

Being the candidate of legal sciences, Konstantin has been working in betting industry for more than 10 years. Since 2013, he has been holding the leader position for 3 years. Till November 2015, has been the President of non-commercial partnership, Self-regulating organization of bookmakers.

Leonid-Obozny-Betting-Awards-2016Leonid Obozny, President of First Gaming company

Leonid is a board member of the self-regulatory organization of bookmakers, head of the Expert Council of the Russian Association of Bookmakers. He has been focusing on this industry for the previous 10 years.

Has more than 23-years of professional experience in gambling, previously headed the leading Russian casinos. Permanent speaker on the RGW in 2012-2014.

Ivan-Shiriaev-Betting-Awards-2016Ivan Shiriaev, Head of advertising and marketing department at UB|GAMING

Since 2004, Ivan has been holding leading positions in the marketing department at Crazy Cash, Smart Games and Jet System. Since 2006 till 2009, he has been a CEO of Russian gambling business exhibition, World of Games.

Nik-Rudenko-Betting-Awards-2016Nik Rudenko, Chief Marketing Officer at BetInvest

Nik Rudenko has 10 years’ experience in online gambling. Besides BetInvest, he is working on one more project, (online marketing agency founded by himself).

Alexey-Savin-Betting-Awards-2016Alexey Savin, Head of advertising planning and buying department at Pari Match

Alexey has been working for Pari Match since 2011. He has learned betting business from different perspectives by working as an expert, casino manager and product manager. Previously, he has worked with online sports betting.

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