Second Gambling Facility to Open in Primorye – Shambala Casino

Second Gambling Facility to Open in Primorye – Shambala Casino

Located near Lake Cherepashye, Shambala casino may open in Primorye Gambling Zone this summer. The new facility is expected to allow filling the budget with additional funds and to attract more tourists to the region. Read more about this gambling facility below.

About peculiarities of the casino

Строительство «Шамбалы»

Shambala is constructed by the company of the same name located in Krasnodar. It is the second gambling operator to open a legal gambling house in Primorye. It is already known how the gambling venue will be arranged and what locations will work on the territory of the casino.

For instance, the main gambling hall will be divided in several standalone areas. The total area of the premise is 5200 sq.m., which makes it the largest in Russia. The casino will include a grand snack bar and a separate area designed for smokers.

Guests will also have a possibility to spend time at the gambling hall for high rollers. It will neighbor with a restaurant and a separate leisure location. To host different events, two stages will be installed at the casino. One of them will be found in the general hall, and the other – in the hall for high rollers.

Despite the official statements about plans to open Shambala this summer, the exact date of the launch has not been announced yet.

In March of 2020, on the website of Primorye Territory’s administration, it was reported that construction works were ending. In May, specialists of Shambala stated they were doing the finishing and preparing to receive gambling equipment.

It was noted then that due to coronavirus pandemic, developers had to look for some alternative materials. Besides, supply of certain equipment was delayed. However, representatives of the investor were assuring that those factors would not influence the facility completion deadline.

Currently, it is reported that specialists have already finalized the preparations to the opening of the facility. Now the building is being connected to the utility infrastructure and roadworks are being finished.

About advantages of the new casino

new casino Shambala

Representatives of Shambala company mark that the new facility can become not only the place to gamble. The casino can also become a comfortable lounge zone. It will cater to tourists that set the highest requirements to service and visitors with the average bill of 10,000-20,000 rubles.

The casino plans to organize free concerts featuring pop celebrities every month. Every week, big shows will be organized. Besides, there are plans for different tournaments, festivals, and draws.

According to general director of Shambala CJSC Maxim Smolentsev, the casino will provide a great variety of gambling and betting entertainment. He highlighted that the gambling facility will become the platform where guests will stay in a good mood and will be able to experience positive emotions irrespective of the size of their bets.

Moreover, the arrival of the new gambling facility will add to the filling of the regional budget. It is expected that Shambala will bring around 156 million rubles to the regional budget.

About the future of the project

project Shambala

It is forecasted that the second stage of construction will be put in service in 2022. The investor plans to open a five-star hotel with 270 rooms, SPA, banqueting and conference halls in the gambling zone.

Overall, 8 billion rubles are expected to be invested in the realization of Shambala project. For now, 3.5 billion rubles have been already invested in the construction.

About the gambling zone

gambling zone Primorye

The gambling zone, located in Primorye, was created on orders of the Russian government in 2009. Tigre de Cristal was the first hotel and entertainment complex that was opened there. The facility includes a casino, a hotel with 121 rooms, restaurants, and a bar. Visitors can enjoy around 300 slot machines and 40 gambling tables.

It is planned that overall 12 casino hotels will operate in Primorye. Apart from that, there are plans to build a golf course, theme park, concert hall, waterpark, ski slope, restaurants, cafes, exhibition areas, and other locations for recreation. The third complex Naga Vladivostok should open in 2021.

According to published forecasts, thanks to two new casino venues in Primorye, the number of tourists that visit the gambling zone will grow. Up to 1.2 million people are expected to arrive there every year. Besides, opening of new gambling facilities will have a favorable impact on the region’s economy and labor market. In particular, the launch of two casinos will allow creating over 1000 workplaces and attract around 500 million rubles to the regional budget.

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