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Vadim Potapenko: Bitcoin casinos may replace traditional gambling resources


Vadim Potapenko: Bitcoin casinos may replace traditional gambling resources

Online gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace. Soon online gambling will be in even greater demand. Speaker of RGW Moscow, head of sales department at Slotegrator Vadim Potapenko gave an interview on the issue, also explaining why many countries introduce limitations and restrictions to online gambling, how to choose content for online casinos, and revealed the main disadvantage of Telegram casinos.

Interviewer: RGW Moscow (RGW)
Speaker: Vadim Potapenko (V.P.)

RGW: Why did Slotegrator choose the online sector of the gambling business as its focus area?

V.P.: We believe that online gambling is growing at a rapid pace and future belongs to Internet technologies. A growing number of players and operators choose online casinos, as they are convenient and profitable. With time, online gambling will be in even greater demand, so we supply online casino software.

RGW: Is Slotegrator actively promoting the Telegram casino? Why do operators need to open such a gambling service? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

V.P.: Telegram messenger is rather popular today, which is why Telegram casino provoked an increased interest among operators and players. It is simple to attract new players to such an online casino, as the game process is available at any time given that you have a smartphone and Internet. However, Telegram has restrictions in some countries, for instance, in Russia. Consequently, a Telegram casino cannot be fully functional in some regions and that is its main disadvantage.

RGW: Casino game developers gradually steer away from Flash standards giving preference to html. Why is HTML5 replacing Flash?

V.P.: That is quite simple to explain. HTML5 became a new stage in the development of interactive content and gave specialists many opportunities. It has much more advantages than Flash. For instance, HTML5 has cross platform capabilities, does not require additional programs to play multimedia, simplifies the process of the creation and uploading of the gaming software, and is compatible with all mobile devices.

RGW: Which criteria is it important to factor in when you choose content for an online casino? What is a better option: to prefer well-known games or focus on quality?

V.P.: When you choose content for online casinos, take into account your target audience, interests, preferences, and geography of players, and many other factors. It would be better to opt for games of famous providers, as their software can boast high quality, license ownership, and high payout percentage. All of it will allow attracting more players to your online casino and forming a positive attitude to the resource.

RGW: How popular are Bitcoin casinos today? Do they have potential to replace traditional online casinos in the future?

V.P.: Year by year, Bitcoin casinos are getting more and more popular like the cryptocurrency itself. Bitcoin casinos have many benefits for gamblers and operators, including the possibility to play in any country of the world, absence of necessity to obtain a license, data privacy, an instant payout of winnings, absence of transaction fees, security of personal accounts, and a reliable control system called Provably Fair. Using the latter, a player can test the integrity of the online casino and operator can prevent fraud from the side of users. Considering all these advantages, it is possible to assume that Bitcoin casinos are able to replace traditional gambling resources in the future.

RGW: What problems does the gambling industry face? How do you see its future?

V.P.: We think that addiction is one of the biggest problems in the gambling industry. That is the reason why many countries introduce different limitations and restrictions to online gambling. However, iGaming is rapidly developing and today many efficient methods of fighting against gambling addiction are available. It is likely that in the future a growing number of new technologies and opportunities for fair and safe online casino play will appear.

RGW: Please, tell our readers about the presentation you will give at the conference.

V.P.: The topic of my presentation is “How the choice of game providers influences the performance of online casino”. At the conference, I will do my best to provide useful information for operators and tell about leading providers, selection criteria for game content, development of unique software customized for the online casino brand, successful case studies, and other important aspects of game selection.

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