New company may become a resident of Primorye, and Georgia will not ban gambling advertising: selection of gambling news

New company may become a resident of Primorye, and Georgia will not ban gambling advertising: selection of gambling news

Read about the new developments in the world of gambling business over the last week in our digest.

The bill that authorizes the Federal Tax Service
to participate in lotteries and gambling

The State Duma may consider the draft law № 677173-7 “About the introduction of amendments to the Federal law “About lotteries” and the Federal law “About state regulation of activities on organization and conduct of gambling and about introduction of amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” (about identification of individuals that conduct illegal activities on organization and (or) conduct of lotteries and gambling) in May of 2019. The initiators believe that this decision will help the Federal Tax Service to search for malefactors.

“To add the specified draft federal law to the State Duma’s tentative program of the law-drafting activities for the period of the spring session 2019. To specify the time for submission of feedbacks, offers, and objections to the State Duma Budget and Taxes Committee until May 9, 2019,” the draft resolution of the Council of the State Duma states.

Wind power park to be constructed on the territory
of the former Azov City gambling zone

Enel Russia will build a wind power park on 133 hectare of land, which is a part of the former Azov City gambling zone. The facility is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2020. The total amount of investments in the project is estimated at around 10 billion rubles. According to data from Expert South information agency, the news was reported by the press service of Enel Russia.

Electricity generated by the wind power park is planned to be sold at the Russian wholesale market.

Polish government shows interest
in the development of a gambling zone

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki believes that the establishment of the gambling zone will help operators to adhere to the gambling legislation.

“The first results of inflows from the so-called gambling monopoly are not satisfactory. The Polish state has once again become convinced that the private sector together with its capital and technological base creates the only profitable and logical business model for each country with a democratic system,” stated Morawiecki.

The current gambling act envisages that casinos are allowed only in cities with a higher number of population. According to the new draft law, the gambling zone will be arranged in the less populated area in-between Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot.

A new company may become a resident
of the Primorye gambling zone

First Steamship Co. may sell its share in Summit Ascent Holdings. According to company representatives, this step will facilitate the growth in income.

The potential seller is considering the offer to purchase its shares, but for now, the company has not taken the decision. It will make an announcement as soon as it comes to an agreement regarding this issue.

The spokesman of First Steamship Co. Lee Shih-Ming said on a media briefing that the offer was being reviewed. The sale would bring the company 123 million HKD ($15.6 million) increasing First Steamship’s earnings per share to 0.77 NT.

Draft law on gambling advertising
ban was rejected in Georgia

The Georgian parliament will not approve the initiative about the introduction of changes to the advertising regulations – the draft law was rejected in the first reading. The initiative aimed to reduce the harmful impact of gambling on the local population.

Previously, the review of the draft law had been postponed, as some provisions of the document required finalization and approval.

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