Betting Network: Mikhail Danshin from at RGW

Betting Network: Mikhail Danshin from at RGW

Fans suffer from non-transparency in the betting industry: fixed matches and dishonest forecasts result in unequal conditions for players and betting providers. How to improve the situation? Mikhail Danshin, a marketing specialist at, will reveal this issue on June 7 at Russian Gaming Week.

Presentation: Betting Insider: a betting network as a bookmaker complementary product. The speaker will explain why:

  • the majority of beginning players lose on bets;
  • it is impossible to overplay a betting operator without appropriate expertise;
  • bettors are on unequal terms with bookmakers.

Mikhail Danshin joined the gambling industry in 2015, focusing on betting product marketing and sales at Since 2017, he has also been working at the marketing department of Betting Insider.

In March 2019, Betting Insider became the fifth betting resource in terms of the amount of unique visitors. Its web version was then attended by more than 300,000 unique users.

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