• June
  • 6-7
  • 2019

Slotegrator to Hold a Webinar on GDPR and Online Gambling


Slotegrator to Hold a Webinar on GDPR and Online Gambling

12 July at 15:00 Moscow time, Slotegrator invites you to attend a web-conference explaining the updated GDPR legislation. The head of sales, Vadim Potapenko, and the chief lawyer of Slotegrator are featured presenters on the webcast. The online event will be held in an innovative manner: the experts will be discussing the GDPR during a question-answer session to explore the issue thoroughly. Thus, from the webinar, you will find out:

  1. What is the matter of GDPR?
  2. Who will be of concern with the new legislation?
  3. Is GDPR crucial concerning relevance and importance for the EU countries only?
  4. What gambling spheres are affected by GDPR?
  5. What is the risk of failing to comply with the GDPR principles?
  6. What penalties will be applicable to the GDPR violators?
  7. How will the GDPR be implemented within the CIS countries?

Besides, the chief lawyer of Slotegrator will talk about critical aspects of the European legislation and will give five useful tips on how to best adhere to the principles of the GDPR to protect own gambling business.

Don't miss this unique webinar offered by Slotegrator Academy and stay tuned with the latest news from the world of online gambling!


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