GDPR in the Gambling Industry: Presentation by Director at DPO LLC Sergey Voronkevich

GDPR in the Gambling Industry: Presentation by Director at DPO LLC Sergey Voronkevich

GDPR is a regulation defining the requirements to the collection, processing and storing of personal data of citizens and residents of the EU. Violators of the regulation face heavy fines.

Who shall comply with GDPR and how the rules change the gambling industry? On June 3, Russian Gaming Week 2020 speaker and Director at DPO LLC Sergey Voronkevich will share more details.

Expert will make a presentation: “Solving the GDPR puzzle in a gambling organization”

Key points:

  • GDPR in action: benefits, pitfalls and exception;
  • KYC vs GDPR: what approach is more efficient;
  • what gambling operators adhere to restrictions for collecting data;
  • specifics of using data according to GDPR;
  • first steps on the way of GDPR integration.

Sergey is an expert in GDPR, coach and experienced consultant. The owner of two international certificates in the personal data protection field – CIPM and CIPP/Е.

The speaker is a co-founder and Director at Data Privacy Office – a consulting company offering services to the CIS market organizations, conducting personal data protection seminars and organizing theme-specific events in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Sergey helps CIS and European businesses to integrate GDPR requirements on a systematic level. Overall, he conducted more than 500 hours of consultations for companies of various scale and fields.

Since 2017, the expert has been organizing GDPR Data Privacy Professional educational course. He is also a member of International Association of Privacy Professionals and a speaker at international events.

Join RGW 2020 exhibition and ask Sergey your questions as part of his presentation.

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