At Russian Gaming Week 2021, the Founder of DPO LLC Siarhey Varankevich Will Talk About the GDPR in Gambling

At Russian Gaming Week 2021, the Founder of DPO LLC Siarhey Varankevich Will Talk About the GDPR in Gambling

The global General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since 2018. It regulates the processes of transferring, processing and storing personal information of the European Union citizens and other persons on its territory. Violators of the established requirements face serious penalties.

How is GDPR applied in the gambling industry? And how can online gambling operators use their clients' data without violating the regulations? On April 27, answers to these questions will be provided by the founder of DPO LLC Siarhey Varankevich who will make a meaningful presentation at Russian Gaming Week 2021 conference.

The speaker will cover the topic “Solving the GDPR puzzle in an online casino”.

The expert will analyze who is subject to the regulations and how can it influence the work of gambling operators. Using the case of a potential online casino, he will explain whether it is possible to combat cheating with the help of GDPR and how to comply with the ban on the collection of sensitive data. Siarhey will recommend how to start implementing the requirements and analyze why the choice between losing a gambling license and paying a 20 millionth GDPR fine is really a false choice.

Siarhey is a consultant in the field of informational privacy and a holder of international CIPM and CIPP/E certificates.

He works as a Director at Data Privacy Office, helping to bring IT products in line with global privacy standards. The services of the company include teaching the basics of GDPR and its implementation, checking projects for compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data, developing privacy-friendly solutions, conducting DPIA.

As a GDPR expert, Siarhey helps companies from the CIS and the European Union to implement regulations in their operational process. Among other things, it ensures the cross-border transfer of personal data from the EU and assists in ensuring privacy in applications and various systems. The expert advises banks, marketing agencies, logistics and aviation companies, hosting providers, domain name registrars, etc.

Join RGW 2021 to ask Siarhey questions and learn about the peculiarities of using data in accordance with the GDPR rules!

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