Sales Manager at 1ClickPay Ben Nguyen in an Interview With RGW 2021: Advantages of the Payment System and the Criteria For Choosing a Reliable Service For Financial Transactions Online

Sales Manager at 1ClickPay Ben Nguyen in an Interview With RGW 2021: Advantages of the Payment System and the Criteria For Choosing a Reliable Service For Financial Transactions Online

1ClickPay is a complex system for accepting online payments, a leader on the Southeast Asian market. It provides merchants with an automated platform for making financial transactions. The service is famous for its reliability, clear user interface and high transaction processing speed.

1ClickPay became a Gold Sponsor of Russian Gaming Week 2021.

As we approach the conference, Sales Manager at 1ClickPay Ben Nguyen spoke in an interview with the event team. He told about the advantages of the service, announced plans for its development and recommended what to look for when choosing a payment system.

Learn more about the possibilities of 1ClickPay in the interview below.

The interviewer: Russian Gaming Week (RGW)

The respondent: Ben Nguyen (B.N.)

RGW: Please tell us about the features and benefits of 1ClickPay.

B.N.: The features of 1ClickPay:

  • Support of online payments through local banks of Vietnam, Thailand, China.
  • Support of online payments through popular e-wallets in Vietnam, Thailand, and China.
  • Use of the API provided by the bank.

The benefits of the service include:

  • Reaching more than 90% of users using online payments through bank cards.
  • Free transaction fees for users.
  • Security system to ensure safety for users.
  • The API system is stable and fast because it is provided by the bank.

RGW: How 1ClickPay system can be integrated? What measures do you take to ensure the safety of financial transactions and maintain the confidentiality of users of the service?

B.N.: Integration of 1ClickPay takes place via the API.

To ensure the safety of financial transactions, user transactions are performed via the bank's API. The security system will detect, notify or block any risky transaction: information mismatch, card stolen, an unusual transaction with suspicious amount or frequency.

RGW: Merchants from which countries use 1ClickPay services? What betting companies are already using the service?

B.N.: Today, merchants from Vietnam, China, Thailand use our payment service.

Clients of 1ClickPay include the following foreign betting companies: 1XBET, 188Bet, W88bet, K8bet, KuCasino, Fabet.

RGW: How bookmakers providing services online should choose a service for accepting payments?

B.N.: You should choose legal payment companies in the country of business. The service must provide automated transactions via API and have experience in processing transactions from betting activities.

RGW: What are the criteria for assessing the efficiency and reliability of the payment system?

B.N.: These should be the following criteria:

  • transaction processing speed;
  • support of many payment methods;
  • frequency of transaction errors;
  • bank support when problems arise.

RGW: How does legislative regulation affect the operation of payment services?

B.N.: Regulation affects the number of daily transactions and the amount per transaction. In the event there are claims of money laundering or theft, the source of funds is verified.

RGW: Could you share 1ClickPay's plans for the next 2-3 years? How do you plan to develop the service?

B.N.: When we started, we focused on payment methods for businesses, because that was a very important factor.

Together with other Wanfang projects, we are providing more comprehensive solutions for businesses such as advertising, branding, and HR.

Currently, we are finishing the procedure to place a representative office in Moscow. In the next 2 years, we hope to become a business outsourcing, comprehensive support for the process of globalization brand enterprise.

RGW: 1ClickPay will become an exhibitor at Russian Gaming Week 2021. Who will benefit from attending your company's stand?

B.N.: We are waiting for you at the 1ClickPay stand!

As for the betting companies, we will advise you on the necessary factors to expand the market to Asia or optimize advertising in Russia.

With game providers, we will introduce potential customers, or become your partner in Asia.

For other companies and individuals: we will introduce the culture and identity of Asia, receive special gifts from Vietnam and China.

On April 27, Russian Gaming Week 2021 demo zone will feature the services of 1ClickPay, where you will be able to learn more and discuss mutually beneficial cooperation with representatives.

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