EEG Reports: Romania Gambling market legalized but is it going anywhere?

EEG Reports: Romania Gambling market legalized but is it going anywhere?

It’s been over a month since the new law came in force, that allows foreign operators to receive a legal license on the territory of Romania and start accepting players on their online gambling websites, but up to date there hasn’t been any activity coming from either the operator’s side or the National Office of Gambling’s side.

Could it be the lack of communication or the fact that operators are looking to stay away from Eastern European Gambling markets? That hasn’t been the case for Bulgaria, since 2012 many operators got licensed and already have a seniority in the demographic.

We have come to the conclusion that it’s the lack of advertisement and management coming from the Romanian National Office of Gambling and we plan to raise this question and discuss this issue at their next press conference, which will be held in Bucharest next month, to receive the necessary feed back for our clients and to get an explanation why is this new law going nowhere fast.
While we receive hundreds of emails from players that are waiting to get their betting accounts back from the operators they were using to make their bets, and we do believe there are thousands or probably tens of thousands more doing the same, the efforts of the organisations are no where to be found. The National Press or the National Organisations that have the duty to promote the Romanian market are focusing on hard cases of corruption that are currently being unveiled or are doing fashionable articles to have traffic on their websites.


The Romanian Agency of the National Press(AGERPRESS) currently conducted an interview with Ms. Odeta Nestor, but it article doesn’t even mention any updates or maybe a bit of advertisement to attract new operators, just the fact that a new law came in force. We’ve catalogued the interview as a dandish one, due to the fact it revolves on the topic that more an more women are beginning their careers in Romania in high ranked positions. 
As you may know Romania legalized the online gambling licensing process and the law came in force on the 13th of February. By this new law, operators have been cleared to obtain their license on the territory of Romania, read our interview we conducted with the President of the National Office of Gambling here.

In collaboration with our partner law firm, we can prepare a legal opinion regarding the conditions that must be fulfilled by your Company in order to apply and to obtain the online license, the necessary documents for this process and the taxes that must be paid for obtaining this license and for keeping it available during the validity period. We kindly inform you that the fee for a complete legal opinion is the amount of 2.500 euro + VAT.

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