Krasnaya Polyana: results of two years

Krasnaya Polyana: results of two years

₽1.5 bn tax payments and as much for jackpots. This is a quick recap of Sochi-based Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone. What was the starting point? What are the key results for today? Read the article to answer these questions.

Brief history

On August 10, 2016, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the creation of Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone based in Sochi.

A new complex was based in the eponymous urban locality of Adlersky City District of Sochi. 165 000 square meters were allocated for the zone. Previously, the territory was a place of Olympic objects. The major part of these lands is located at the resort’s low level Gorki Gorod, another part takes place on the mountain slopes of Rosa Khutor Resort.

Right after the order of Dmitry Medvedev, the building of the first gambling venue Casino Sochi began. In the course of the building process, the Gorki Media Center was reconstructed. It used to be the entrance point near Sochi Marriott Hotel. The gambling parlor was opened on December 31, 2016. The main attraction was slot machines reaching 570 units as well as gambling tables – 70 (10% of them for poker).

Later, the second venue for slot machines was introduced in the zone – Bonus. It was launched in December 2017. In fact, the parlor held 83 slots.

Meanwhile, another casino called Boomerang was launched in Krasnaya Polyana on January 4, 2019. It was presented with 20 gambling tables and a parlor with 204 slot machines. Boomerang is located in Rosa Khutor Resort, not Gorki Gorod.

Results of two years

Overall attendance of Krasnaya Polyana is about one million people with women taking the third part. In 2018, the influx of visitors was estimated at 62% compared to the results of 2017.

Almost ₽1.5 bn (precisely, ₽1 437 524 781) was won in jackpots with the largest one of ₽31 210 000.

By the way, state tax payments of Krasnaya Polyana also reached almost ₽1.5 bn – ₽1 472 247 946.

The zone has become a hub for foreigners. In 2017, their quantity reached 5% of the total number while in 2018, this figure surged over 16%. Tourists from 146 countries are frequent visitors of Krasnaya Polyana: mainly Europeans, Indians, and Chinese. The previous year, Sochi established direct air communication with Israel due to the increasing number of visitors from this country.

What is more, Krasnaya Polyana has become a host of many poker tournaments. World Poker Tour Russia took place in January 2019 while Eurasian Poker Tour final was organized here in October 2018. Previously, the gambling zone held EPT Open Sochi, WSOP Circuit Russia, European Poker Tour Sochi, EAPT Snowfest Sochi, PokerStars Championship Sochi, etc.

As reported by Deputy General Manager at Sochi Casino Dmitry Anfinogenov, the influx of attendees in Krasnaya Polyana in 2019 is expected to be 10%. What is more, direct air communication with India, the United Arab Emirates, and China is planned to be established.

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