We Are Ready to Convert Conference Insights into New Efficient Business Solutions, Evolving Industry Trends: Iryna Kurochkina, Founder and CEO at Digital Choo 

We Are Ready to Convert Conference Insights into New Efficient Business Solutions, Evolving Industry Trends: Iryna Kurochkina, Founder and CEO at Digital Choo 

An international marketing agency Digital Choo (DC) was acknowledged as the Best Marketing Services Provider according to Betting Awards at RGW 2019 and was provided with the statuette for the Best Advertising Campaign of the Year. Iryna Kurochkina, Founder and CEO at Digital Choo (DC), talks about success secrets, impressions of the event, and expectations for the next year.     

Interviewer: Russian Gaming Week (RGW)
Respondent: Iryna Kurochkina (I.K.)

RGW: Well, the Best Marketing Services Provider and the Best Advertising Campaign of the Year! We have no doubt that Digital Choo (DC) has gained a lot of impressions of Russian Gaming Week.

I.K.: Absolutely! It is so great and important that our services and case studies were noted with industry leaders’ trust once again. In general, Russian Gaming Week brought together a huge amount of participants from various countries, not only the CIS, thus everything was quite fruitful in terms of networking. Plenty of meetings, valuable experience exchange at the conference involving a wide range of speakers, and relevant information. Many thoughts, projects, initiatives, which we are ready to convert into new efficient business solutions and bring into operation, evolving industry trends. We have fired up to the full.

RGW: Tell us about your victorious case study – Fired up to win. What was the core challenge of this rebranding?  

I.K.: Rebranding is always a difficult pill to swallow. It is a bold challenge for both brand initiators and implementors of this task. The primary goal of rebranding is the brand evolution in the “face” and language of communication and, most significantly, the presentation of key images and their perception by the audience for whom these changes are aimed at based on their valuables, lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences. The major challenge here is to be up to the job. Not all strategic transformations of large brands are successful. We are proud of our collaborative results and grateful to Parimatch for the possibility to become a part of their new development history.

RGW: It is not the first international awards for DC. What else can be found in your portfolio?  

I.K.: Indeed, we have a solid bundle of rewards, including Effie Awards, ADC, GoldenDrum, The Webby Awards, and others. For example, we have recently returned from Odesa hosting awards of four major All Ukrainian and international festivals. Our company received the Gold, four Bronzes, Grand Prix, and the Award for the Best Marketing Agency of the Year. It is not just achievements of creative use cases, but their business efficiency and industry recognition. We are not ready to rest, because without evolution one can not only stagnate but even die like dinosaurs. And we are just at the outset of our growth. There is room for development.

RGW: How often does the company participate in foreign gambling exhibitions?

I.K.: Pretty often. We are an international company that operates in four countries with active customer demand. Therefore, our team supports extensive participation in gaming community life and frequently attends world’s principal specialized events. This year, we visited conferences in London, Stockholm, Moscow, Prague, New York, and Minsk. Nevertheless, we have busy plans for the second half-year period.       

RGW: Is there a difference between CIS and foreign conferences? What exactly? 

I.K.: There is a difference in scope and pool of discussion topics. Each region has its own gambling development features, subtle aspects, and recipes of success, efficient networking methods, which affect event content. Besides, CIS conferences are gaining momentum year by year and attracting more and more foreign participants. This is good news. The interest in these markets is growing, providing better possibilities for various business collaborations.            

RGW: What do you expect from Russian Gaming Week 2020?  

I.K.: As an agency, we would like to see the increasing amount of new and proactive market players, whose current interests will result in actions. Greater sharing of best practices. RGWeek immerses its guests and partners into the gaming category, allowing to expand gambling bounds, find new approaches and opportunities. We also anticipate innovations that change most approaches every year, transforming the industry: technologies, trends, global market improvements, etc.

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