Exclusive Interview: Satoshi Bet


Satoshi Bet is an established Bitcoin casino that has been online for almost 2 years. I was able to talk to the Satoshi Bet team to get more insight on their operations and shed some light on things over at Satoshi Bet


— What is Satoshi Bet, and what does it offer?  

—We started our activity in May 2013, so, it’s been almost 2 years since we are online. We’re still one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos. Our main goal is to offer provably fair games to it’s players.


— What are some bonuses you offer new players?

— We just released our Bonus system (100% welcome bonus and 25% on each reload) and so far people liked it and unlocked more than 10 BTC during 3 weeks. We’re also giving away no deposit bonus codes almost every day on our Bitcointalk thread , on Twitter and on Reddit . We are looking forward to add more promo deals and no deposit bonuses. VIP bonuses will come soon as well for our loyal players.


— If somebody was interested, how could they verify that you are indeed provably fair?

— Every player can verify his game shuffle on the Provably Fair page that we have after every bet. There is a a small button in the left corner of the page (Verify Shuffle) that shows you the next roll seeds. Once the player clicks on the verify shuffle button, he is redirected to our Provably Fair page that looks like this for.

People can easily see script on how we shuffled the cards if they look into the page source


— Why are US based IPs not allowed to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies?  

— Well, US Bitcoin gambling regulations are not really clear at the moment, so, it’s better to avoid it. Players can still try out the games on Play Money but they can’t gamble for real coins. 


​— Is SatoshiBet considering accepting alternative cryptocurrencies?

— We already support LTC and DOGE. DOGE players seem to be very active on our site. Darkcoin is coming up soon. We’re also open to suggestions of what new altcoins to add.


— What projects does SatoshiBet have in the works, that you can talk about?

— Besides bonuses, we’re looking to build more HTML5 unique games and nice looking Slots. We’re also focusing on improving our affiliate module – SatoshibetPartners.com – and balance a proper payout for them. We also have a whitelabels system planned for later this year, so, everyone who wants to launch a site like ours and have our nice games could easily do it. Our future mission is simple – keep being one of the best Bitcoin casinos online.


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