5 arguments for online gambling growth

5 arguments for online gambling growth

Internet gambling becomes more and more popular stealing players from offline establishments. However, among users are even the youngest ones.        

Given below are five factors and figures showing that huge prospects and lots of money are waiting for online gambling operators.  


Gambling brings three times more income than 10 years ago

In 2005, the world gambling market was estimated at 14 billion dollars and now it is estimated at 41 billion dollars.    

Players with tablets bring more income  

Business operators bet on players with tablets predicting that in 2018 their amount will be increased twice. It is expected that in two years tablet users will enrich operators for more than 9 billion dollars. It is about three times more than in 2014.   

One third of parents play slot machines together with children

Not only students and office staff under age 30 become online casino players. The audience is so diverse including even children and their parents. 33% of parents join their children to play online slot machines.     

Around 30% of players are older than 50

It was a breakthrough for software developers. Now developers are thinking how to satisfy people of this age group. 

Online bingo audience was increased…

….60 times! It is when compared with 2008. In 2015, two million people have played online bingo at least once betting 3 billion dollars.   

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