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Russian Gaming Week which will be held in Moscow, on June 7-8, 2017, will traditionally feature a specialized B2B conference which will bring together representatives of the gambling business from all over the world. The conference will include presentations by international speakers, a panel discussion, an intense business program, open lectures and demo zones.

Participants will discuss the most topical issues of the gambling industry, including the following:

  • use of innovations and overview of new bills;
  • experience of Russian and foreign casinos;
  • development of gambling zones in the Russian Federation;
  • new trends in online gambling;
  • investments in new objects;
  • influence of betting on eSports development;
  • use of chatbots in gambling;
  • the role of VR/AR technologies in the gambling industry;
  • use of artificial intelligence and neural networks in the gambling industry;
  • bitcoin and its advantages for gambling.
  • And that's not even a complete list.
  • The B2B conference at RGW Moscow 2017 is divided into the sections:
  • for bookmakers;
  • land-based and online casino;
  • digital marketing;

VR/AR technologies and eSports;

Overview of the latest legislative initiatives.

They were formed considering interests of representatives of the gambling market. As a result, an expert will learn about the sections, choose a topic and elaborate a speech to make it more useful to listeners.

The conference will last for two days.

On June 7, it will be dedicated to bookmaking. The following topics will be considered:

  1. Bookmaking as an investment.
  2. Development of American sports in the betting market of CIS.
  3. Influence of betting on eSports.
  4. The law about special allocations on Russian sports.
  5. Advertising of gambling.
  6. Preparation of bookmakers to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  7. Prospects of modern TV in the bookmaking business.
  8. Operation of betting shops under the current legislation.
  9. Use of chatbots in gambling.
  10. The role of VR technologies in the future of gambling convergence.
  11. Jackpot in the MR gambling industry.

On June 8, speakers will discuss gambling in details and talk about such problems as:

  1. Major principles of designing a casino.
  2. Malta as a center of a remote gambling business.
  3. Managing integrated casino resorts.
  4. Creating a high-quality casino industry in Russia from the point of view of operators.
  5. White Label in online gambling.
  6. AI in online gambling.
  7. Reasonable advertising budget.
  8. Opening new marketing opportunities by means of bitcoin.
  9. Advantages of bitcoin for gambling.
  10. Paying winning amounts in bitcoins and main points of debit bitcoin cards.

The event starts at 10 a.m. on both days. Registration lasts for about an hour. At 11 a.m. the first speaker begins the presentation. Time limit for every presentation is 30 minutes. During the coffee break from 13:00 p.m. to 14:00 p.m. you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • discuss the speeches;
  • tune in for new information;
  • meet potential partners;

To find out more about timing and speakers, please visit the page “Program”.

Don’t miss the most specialized B2B conference in the world of gambling. Register for Russian Gaming Week (June 7-8, IEC “Sokolniki”).


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